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1016 Industries Widebody Vision 2.0 Aero-Kit Lamborghini Urus S

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1016 Industries Vision 2.0 Widebody Aero-kit Lamborghini Urus S

Item Description

1016 Industries Vision Widebody Aero-kit for Lamborghini Urus S consists of the following (Years 2022 - Present):

*1016 Widebody Vision 2.0

*1016 Race Bonnet 2.0

*1016 Vision 2.0 Diffuser

*1016 Rear Diffuser Inserts

*1016 Front Splitter

*1016 Upper Front Lip (w/ Style Pack)

*1016 Lower Front Lip (w/ Style Pack)

*1016 Front Bumper Upright

*1016 Nose Trims

*Side Skirts

*Side Skirt Extensions 

*1016 Outer Door Trim

*1016 Fender Triangle Inserts

*1016 Mirror Caps

*1016 Roof Spoiler

*1016 Rear Spoiler Wing Tips

*1016 Boot Spoiler

*1016 Rear symbol Holder

*Optional Interior trim, Wheel, titanium Exhausts and Performance Upgrades 

A1 Supercars are authorised dealers for 1016 Industries.

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PRODUCT NAME 1016 Industries Widebody Vision Aero-Kit Lamborghini Performante
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