Maserati MC20 Receives 795 Pounds of Additional Downforce at 200 MPH with Limited Edition Body Kit

7 Design House and A1 Supercars exclusively offer a limited-edition body kit for the UK market. 

Italian supercar manufacturer Maserati has received a boost to its MC20 model in the form of a limited edition body kit from design company 7 Design House. The kit, named "Aria," has been specially developed to enhance the MC20's aero profile and improve performance. Only 25 of the kits will be produced, with each consisting of seven new components that can be easily integrated onto the existing aero structure with OEM mounting points. The kit's prepreg carbon fiber parts also contribute to a reduction in weight of 5.67 kgs.

CEO and founder of 7 Design House, Peter Eskander, says the goal of the kit was to maintain the pure and elegant design of the MC20 while injecting racetrack aero. The company claims that the kit achieves a 123% increase in aero efficiency, with additional downforce of 199 lbs at 100 mph, 509 lbs at 160 mph, and a whopping 795 lbs at 200 mph. 

The body kit comprises a front splitter, canards, vent inserts, side skirts, a functional roof scoop, rear spoiler, and diffuser. 7 Design House says that no cutting, drilling, or paintwork is required for installation. Eskander says an optional "Stage 2" exhaust system is also available, which saves another 6.8 kg with gains of 20hp over stock.

The MC20 pictured in promotional materials is Eskander's own vehicle, indicating his confidence in the product. 



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