Magnetic Phone Vent Clip

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We wanted to create a minimal Vent Clip that complimented car interiors rather than making your dashboard more cluttered. Our design is both a safe and stylish hands-free way to use your smartphone in the car.  

Whether you're charging your phone, jamming out to music, or using your navigation system, our Vent Clip allows you to choose the orientation that's right for you. You don't need to clip your phone in, simply attach the magnetic backing to your phone and secure it to the mount with ease. The Vent Clip mounts securely to all horizontal, or vertical vents. Thankfully, the auto-align magnetic mounting system allows for seamless attachment, no matter the angle! 



Material: Aluminum Alloy 

Colors: Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold 

Phone Types: The Magnetic Clip works will all phones!